Transform your talent filtering and evaluation process into a seamless experience for your team and test takers.

Coding Challenges

Evaluate problem solving skills of programmers , engineers and students with our robust coding solution. We support 15+ programming languages with automated evaluations.

Randomise questions

Enable randomisation while creating the assessment from a pool of question banks , so that no test taker gets the same set of questions in the same sequence order.

Advanced Proctoring

Our anti-cheating technology tracks and captures the candidate's activities like moving away from the test window , taking help from someone either in person or over the phone.

Pause & Schedule test

Restrict access to the assessment for only a specific time period. Candidates can only take the test if the test is not paused or during the scheduled date and time.

Mobile Friendly tests

Configure any objective based assessment as mobile friendly, so that candidates can give the test from their mobile device.

Volume assessments

Our solution is built to handle a large number of test takers simultaneously. Get instant insights and reports , filter and analyse the data effortlessly.